multihoming via rule

I have worked out how to add a task to another project when a task is added to a project - however I can’t work out how to automatically multi-home a task as I don’t want 2 tasks in 2 projects as I want updates to be shared.

Please help?! - hoping it is something simple!

Hey @Becky_Manson , I am a bit confused by your question can you please elaborate?

Multi-homing a task means the same task showing in both projects. So when an update is posted to the task it will show under the task and can be seen by people that are added as followers to this one task and also by people that have access to either of the 2 projects.

exactly that is what i want!!

but the rule I can seem to make creates an additional task in another project so I end up with Task A in Project 1 and Task AA in Project 2
Rather than Task A in Projects 1 and 2.

This is how the rule should look like for example.

Trigger: all tasks added to the project
Action: add to another project

Then the same task is multi-homed

What you are referring to here is a different rule action

which is this

In your case that is not the one you should be using as that creates a new task

Does that help?

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Apologies for the delay - @Andrea_Mayer when I did the first example you show (which is what I had in my rule) - the task showed in 2 projects, but it was not connected and so not multi-homed.

Huch really?, that is very strange.

Can you set this rule up in another project to test please?