Multihoming tasks via rules -tasks are auto created via reoccuring date settings

Hi, I need advice on the following case I am trying to create.

I have a portfolio containing multiple projects. In each Project there are one or many tasks which have ‘reoccuring’ date settings. We have monthly and quarterly reports so reoccuring setting is great for us to auto-create the task for the next period.

I want to create a dashboard where I would like to see all the tasks in the Projects.
So, I created a Project called ‘Dashboard’.
I wanted this Dashboard project to show me all the reports running under different projects, assignees and due dates.
I created a new rule in a specific project as ‘if there is a new task added to this section, share with the Dashboard project.’
However the rule isn’t running for the reoccuring tasks. it only works for manually created tasks. Any tips? Should I run different rules or use a different mechanism to create a top level view?

You actually don’t need a rule → if the original task is multi-homed, any re-ocurring task will be multi-homed as well. Isn’t it what you see?

the original task isn’t multi-homed. in the dashboard I want to see a single line that hasn’t been ‘completed’ which is the auto-created line from the reocccuring configuration. So, the dashboard project will always show the future dated lines. Makes sense?

I don’t follow sorry. @lpb @Phil_Seeman can you help?

Welcome, @Meltem_Ocal_Kogelbau,

I think task added rules don’t get triggered on new recurrences of recurring tasks.

Perhaps instead you could use a task template to create these kinds of tasks and have the multi-homing specified in the task template?

Hope that helps,


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Thank you Larry, I will give it go at it.

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