Reoccurring Tasks - Unassigned

A reoccurring task is created within a project, no assignee is selected. A project member assigns the reoccurring task to themselves and completes the task. A new task generates to represent the reoccurring task.

When the new task creates, it assigns the member that was the assignee when the previous task was completed. It also keeps the task in the same column that the previous task was in when it was marked as completed.

We have a project to represent daily work for our team. Some tasks are reoccurring daily, monthly, or quarterly. The problem is, the same person does not do the work. We want to use reoccurring tasks to ensure the work is not missed, but we do not desire the task to auto-assign to the assignee that last completed it. Also would like to see it in a different column when it recreates.

Is there a way to work around this behavior? I tried some really creative rules and that did not seem to work.

I would love the capability to create rules specific to reoccurring tasks.

Thank you.


This is indeed expected behaviour, any new recurring task inherits from everything the previous task had…

The workaround is to use the tool I created to create all tasks at once, and not rely on Asana’s “I’ll show you only the next task”.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for this information. I thought I was posting in the Product Feedback section. I would like to see future enhancements to reoccurring tasks that are similar to when you copy a task, you can select what properties to copy. When creating a reoccurring task, it would be nice to choose which properties of the task are included when the task recreates itself.

I appreciate the information! :slight_smile:

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