Re-occurring task Assignees

Is there a way to make it such that re-occurring tasks do not copy over the Assignee? I would like to have the assignee blank for all re-occurring tasks so I can redistribute tasks on a week by week basis instead of assuming the same person will be doing the same task every week.

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Hi @Kiernan_McCullough if you make sure the tasks is unassigned when completing the Task, the reocurred tasks won’t be assigned.



Thanks Jason, however I have a Microsoft Flow script running so that I can create a databank of the different assignments completed and by who, so I rely on the Assignee being correct.

Hi Kiernan,
You can’t have the assignee field set blank once the recurring task is mark complete.
But maybe you could try the new Rules feature in a couple of different ways:

  1. You could move the task automatically to a specific section of your project upon completion (for example: “To Reassign Section”) and remove the section the task belongs to once you have assigned it to the right person.
  2. You could add the task automatically to a another project (for example: “Weekly Tasks to Reassign Project”) and remove the project from the task once you have assigned it to the right person.

Hope this helps

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I am actually having this same issue.

An unassigned recurring task will launch and it isn’t always worked by the same person. We need for the person working it that day to add themselves as the assignee and for the assignee to be removed on repeat. I don’t want them removing themselves on the completed task because that shows me who worked it.

None of the existing rule options are working for this.

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