new recurring task without owner

We have many recurring tasks. When an owner has completed a task, he is automatically the owner of the new recurring task, but it is not clear who will work on this new task in the future. So it would be nice to have an option to clear the owner for the new task…

Hi @Lutz_Reinhardt, thanks for reaching out and sharing this feedback!

You are right, when you set up a task as a recurring and it has an assignee, when you mark it as complete the new task will be automatically assigned to the same user.

As a workaround, if you make sure the task is unassigned when completing it, the recurred tasks won’t be assigned. If you have a premium or business plan, you can use Rules to create a workflow for the tasks that need to be unassigned.

Thanks again for your feedback, I’ll make sure to keep this thread updated when I have more information about this feature.

Your workarounds are not practical for us. The completed tasks should have the right owner and, unfortunately, rules don’t work with a premium account (at least I don’t find a way)… :man_shrugging: :neutral_face:

Sorry for the inconvenience @Lutz_Reinhardt! I agree, if you need the completed task assigned to the previous owner, you shouldn’t unassign it! You can find the “Rules” icon in your project header:

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 11.43.58

I’ll keep this thread updated as soon as I have more information about this feature!