Switch Assignees on recurring tasks

I’d love a feature or a rule where a reoccurring task, such as taking minutes during a meeting, can be reassigned after the task is complete. I have a task that I share with another person that we take turns completing, but no current rules allows the task to be reassigned. Ideally, the repeating task would be created once, and the first person in the rotation would see the assigned task, and once complete when the next task repopulates, the task will have been reassigned to the next person, then back to me once they complete, and so on and so forth. This would also require flexibility in moving a calendar task to edit one of a series in case the meeting is rescheduled or someone is out sick, etc.

Hi @Rachel28

You could create a person custom field with you and the other individual and create a rule as follows:

Trigger: Task marked complete
Trigger: Person custom field is changed to Rachel
Action: Assign to Rachel
Action: Mark task as incomplete

You would create the same rule for the other individual as well. Just make sure that you choose “when both of these triggers happen” execute the rule.

The only manual process is you or the other individual changing the person custom field every time you need to switch who it is assigned to.

Hope this makes sense!

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