Automatically alternate assignee?

Hi! I’m sorry - this may be an easy and obvious question but I’ve tried searching for it and haven’t found anything. I have a bunch of repeating tasks and I want the assignee to alternate every iteration, so let’s say task 1 which is due weekly, I do it the first week, I want team member 2 to automatically be assigned it for next week and then the assignment will come back to me on week 3 (for a 2 person team). Thank you!

How about 2 separate tasks, each repeating every 2 weeks? Each can have identical titles, and you can put a link in each, referring to the other, to provide some continuity and traceability.


That’s such a simple and perfect solution! Thank you so much - I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think of that haha :blush: thank you again!


Wow, good idea!

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