Rule to change a field on repeating tasks

We use repeating tasks to manage regular pieces of work and have set up custom fields to allow us to monitor the progress. However, when we mark the task as complete the repeating task is created with the same field option as at the time that it is marked complete.

I would love to see a new rule option that allowed a field (or column/section etc) on a newly created repeating task to be set.

Has anyone got a similar problem?

Sounds like a great idea @Rod_Petrie, hopefully this is something we can implement in the future. While I can’t promise anything at this stage, I’ve made a task to our Product team to take it onboard for future updates :slight_smile:

It would be great if you could set options for a repeating task that tell you what the fields should default to when the original task is complete.

I have tasks that I want to keep the same description and assignee, but nothing else. I also have tasks that I want to completely reset – including removing the assignee because it’s a new owner each week.


Yes! Hitting this particular pain point at the moment. As Justine suggested, would be great to be able to decide the default by field/tag (clear it, keep it the same, or set it to a given value).

We’d also benefit from this. We have recurring tasks that are part of a weekly sprint and it would be great to be able to automate incrementing the Sprint field by 1 on the newly created task. Current process is to close the task, wait for the new task to be created, find the new task, update the Sprint field manually.

I, too, have a repeating task that falls into different sprints. It would be great to have a field or two that doesn’t repeat but, instead, gets set by board rules on the newly created task. I have to manually change the sprint on each repeating task.

When a task has a recurring due date, the new task is created by duplicating the existing task, but with a new due date assigned to it. For the most parts, this works. However, this new state is a task that has not been worked on yet, so the status should not be the same as the previous task, which has just been completed. There is currently no way of changing the Status or Section of the new task through workflow automation, because no automation applies to a duplicated task.

The follow two solutions would get over the problem:
a) When setting the recurring due date, allow the user to choose if they want the Status and / or Section to reset and to what.
b) There should be sets of workflow automation that applies to duplicated tasks or have duplicated tasks recognised as new tasks added to the Section / Project so that existing workflow automation could apply.


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I :100:% agree with you on this. Remember to add your own vote.

Agreed! also wild that we still have no progress on Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day after YEARS of people asking for this feature

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Meanwhile we get that feature on the roadmap, I may have found a workaround using Customized rules (Business plan or above).

Please see my idea there Recurring Tasks status change - #3 by Arthur_BEGOU

FYI on this topic…

The “Task is newly added” rule trigger in our Flowsana integration’s rules will fire when a new instance of a recurring task is created, so that trigger can be used to automate actions on a new instance of a recurring task.

Is there any update on this task - been trying all sorts of rules to get a duplicated task to move section!