Reset Custom Fields when new task recurs

Is there a way to set a custom field to reset to a default once a recurring task is complete? Is this something that is going to be included in the “Advanced Workflow Rules” referenced on the Asana website?

This is not possible natively, maybe @Phil_Seeman can help with Flowsana?

Thanks, @Bastien_Siebman - yes this is possible with Flowsana.

@Alex_Graniere - will you want this behavior to apply to all tasks that you mark as complete within a given project(s)? If so, then you can definitely accomplish it with a Flowsana rule, like this, as an example:


@Bastien_Siebman Could you move this to product feedback queue, I think it requires an enhancement request.
I would like this exact function.
I have a task that is recurring, with a custom field that is set to nothing.
I set the field to one of its values, then click complete.
The next occurrence of the task needs to have that field blanked out again, like it was when the task was created.
But currently, it contains the same value as the completed task.

Can you use Rules to do this?