Recurring tasks with blank custom fields value


I am looking for a way to create recurring tasks with default blank values for custom fields on a weekly basis. Right now, the recurring task is getting created based on the values of the most recently completed tasks. My use case is below:

Each week I have a task with 4 custom fields that a user can fill out if necessary. If they do not fill out any of the fields that is completely okay and a default value is used in the backend However, if they do fill out a custom field then it should only be captured in the current week’s task.Once they complete the current week task, then the new recurring task should be appear with blank values for custom fields.

However, right now it looks like Asana is just copying the old task with the old values in the custom fields filled in for the new task. How do I make it so that the custom fields for the new recurring task is set to blank as default?


Hi @Jon7

I don’t believe that is possible but agree it would be great if reoccurring tasks had the option to either keep the selected value or set it back to blank.

@Marie, @Cathya can this be moved to Product Feedback…


All done @Jason_Woods, thanks for reaching out!

@Jon7, I’ve also slightly modify the title of this thread to better reflect your feedback; hope you don’t mind!

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