Recurring task retains 'task progress' and limited scheduling options

We’re creating a lot of recurring tasks and have two pain points:

  1. Task Progress is retained when the new recurrance is created, basically everything says “Done” on the new instance of the task

  2. Our business operates on a 4-wk, 4-wk, 5-wk quarter, so quarterly tasks are due every 13 wks…would be great if the custom recurrance wasn’t limited to a max of 12 wks. I feel like this recently changed as I was creating recurring tasks 6-8 wks ago and the options looked different. Anything to continue expanding flexibility in scheduling recurrances would be of great value!

For 1. Are you referring to custom fields?

No, it’s the Asana-Created field, Task Progress

@Shannon_Masterson technically the Asana-created object you are referring to is indeed a Custom Field.

If I understand your issue, one thing you can do is set a rule so that when a new task (ones created when a recurring task is completed as well) the Task Progress is set to “blank”.

As for the flexibility with recurring tasks, I would suggest upvoting this post: Recurring Tasks on certain day/week of month not the actual day

I believe this thread aligns with your request. Including a 13th week would be the same as setting the recurrence to every 3 months IF you could select specific days of the week. Currently with the monthly recurrence you can’t control whether the task falls on a work day or not which is specifically what the other thread targets.

Also, yeah, the date picker changed a bit but I don’t believe any functionality was taken away.

@Emily_Roman might also merge your post with the thread I mentioned above if she agrees the request is similar enough.

Hope this helps!

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