✍ Let Asana be your Accountability Partner for new habits!

This is a “slow” follow-up pro tip to the excellent reminder by @Bastien_Siebman: 💡 Use Asana as an habit tracker

With this tip I’d like to expand the scope of using Asana as a habit tracker by leveraging features like Brief, Overview, Milestones, Board, Dashboard, Rules and Inbox Notifications.


Brief - Use this space to explain the purpose of your habits as they relate to a yearly theme or resolution

  • Provide a description for this them that explains why the habit is necessary or important
  • Outline some objectives that you want to focus on. In my case, I listed areas of my life (4Cs) that I wanted to take action on - Craft, Community, Constitution and Contemplation (credit: Cal Newport)
  • Within these areas I noted 3 key focal points. For example, Community consists of Marriage, Father & Friendship. Within each I established a behavioral change I wanted to see and noted a physical change that would provoke this shift! e.g. put my phone away for the night after 6pm - thus removing distractions so my attention was on my family.
  • Define your Productivity System that will help establish the routines necessary to develop new habits. In my case, I had events like: Morning Startup Routine, Evening Shutdown Ritual, Weekly Reset, Monthly Outlook and Quarterly Alignment.
  • All of the above fed into Ideal Outcomes (established as Milestones) for this theme - targeting who I wanted to be on the other side.


Overview - Allow for the Ideal Outcomes to be shown as Milestones with their respective due dates and status shown

  • Sample Outcome - Exemplify excellence in every area of my professional life, never sacrificing integrity, always rooted in humility, and allowing success to serve others


Board - Clean view of recurring tasks that pertain to habits or journaling as well as any set milestones. Also, allow for multi-homing of special projects that relate to areas of focus.


Dashboard - Allows the metrics to motivate you or help showcase how you are prioritizing your set objectives.

Clearly I don’t prioritize journaling and I do a much better job with my startup over my shutdown. Get it together, Jerod! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Custom Fields - Set these to add context to the items you are tracking over time

  • Which area of focus you are working against over a period of time
  • PASS/FAIL rating on habits
  • Percent Complete on subtasks contained within habits


Rules - Since Custom Fields are being used on recurring tasks, allow Automation (Rules) to clear any custom fields upon completion! :construction: Recurring task retains 'task progress' and limited scheduling options - #6 by Marie :construction:


Inbox Notifications - Allow specific actions related to your habits to consolidate within any other Asana tasks that are due each day. These daily reminders really help motivate me just as @Bastien_Siebman points out:


Listen! That’s it. I love that. Can I use that for content and tag you on IG or Linkedin?