💡 Use Asana as an habit tracker

Did you ever think of using Asana as a habit tracker and enforcer?

I wanted to get into the habit of taking a daily walk outside. I set up a recurring task for myself, and now I see it every day in My Tasks. Even if I don’t do it one day, seeing that task every day motivates me and creates the habit in my brain!

Sorry, gotta go, it is time for my daily walk 🚶‍♂️

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Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll post a fast follow pro tip on how to put a simple habit tracker on steroids (using Asana) later this week. It’s a great way to set a plan for yourself and rely on inbox notifications, rules or dashboards to introduce the accountability and motivation we often need!

Great tip, @Bastien_Siebman!


Using dashboards is the next level :heart:

Completely agree! :raised_hands: great tip, @Bastien_Siebman!

How do you do it if you want to change the habit incrementally?
Example: This week I want to walk 15 minutes every day. But next week I want to walk 30 minutes every day? If I setup a recurring task daily with a start and end date, it does not show in my tasks for today - because of the date bracket… Thoughts?


I would use my tool minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods to create several versions of tasks very quickly.

HI All

I just completed ready a book on habits, and as a regular asana user, I want to create a habit tracker within asana, I know how to create a recurring task, is there any way to review my task history weather I missed the task on last Friday or completed the task last Friday, (Idea is to create a calendar which shows the task is completed or not on a past given day.

Please share your thoughts

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The recurring tasks in Asana create the next one when you complete the task, so you can’t really miss one. You would have to use my tool to create all instances in advance to account for the missed ones.

You could add a custom field or tag to denote “not completed” and add it to days you don’t do. It might not show up the same way but could help with tracking. This would effect the dashboard and reporting if you use those features and have any “amounts” being tracked.

For one recurring task I have that is based on an amount, I adjust the amount I completed each time and when I don’t do it I set the amount to 0 so it makes the next one (but this effects the next one). Alternatively you can “complete” it and then go back and adjust the amount after the next one has been made.