💡 Inspiration to support building a habit with Asana at your organization💡

Happy Tuesday everyone🦄!

I was inspired by one of my customer calls today and thought I’d share some tips around how to support building a habit with Asana. Change is hard no matter what new routine you’re implementing and managing that change across teams can be tough. See below for some best practices I’ve gathered from conversations this past year:

  • Set a reminder on your calendar to check your Asana inbox daily to make sure your tasks are up to date
  • Conduct your 1:1 check-ins or weekly team meetings in Asana - we have amazing templates here
  • Host a monthly / quarterly Asana office hours - or attend Larry Berger’s monthly Ask Me Anything sessions
  • If your organization has internal newsletters, include an “Asana tips & tricks” section
  • Check out our latest 20-day productivity challenge

Research shows it takes 59-70 days to build a habit so as you are advocating for change across teams, remember it takes TIME. Model the behavior, implement incremental changes and be consistent to how you manage your work in Asana.

Any other ideas come to mind? Drop a comment below on how you support change management with your organization / team!



Great tips, @Hella, as usual!

One to add that came up with a client today:

Aligning on a date that your immediate workgroup will all start to use Asana (more) – together – can be motivating and accelerate the adoption phase, result in less frustration of partial uptake, and all for increased camaraderie and support during the change process.

And thanks for the Nonprofits AMA callout. We’ve got a nice turnout for tomorrow but still time to join in the fun, or June 7 (I’ll add the events for future first Wednesdays soon).



@lpb great gem and call out on aligning on a date to launch!

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