Tips for Using Asana as a Daily Journal for reporting activity


I have been searching for a while but haven’t quite found the result I was looking for. I need a way that I can show all my daily activity tasks completed and task updates with comments to act as a activity log for me to feed up the chain to my director as well as my team feeding up to me.

The reports don’t seem to give me all the details and in a format I can easily email to my director (he is still quite old fashioned).

I also work on a few workspaces so reporting on individual ones may be time consuming.

Has any one got a quick hack to help other than using a task named journal and simple putting in an update I have done as a comment?

I hope I am making sense any help would be amazing.




Hi Nick! We’ll be happy to help. I recommend that you start by consolidating your work to one workspace if you can. Then, you have a few options, which I’ll list below. If you for some reason aren’t able to consolidate your work to one workspace, then you could take the following actions in each workspace.

  • My Tasks: My Tasks is the quickest, easiest way to get insight into what you’re working on. Your supervisor can simply click into your My Tasks list to see what work you’re doing. S/he can also sort My Tasks by completed, incomplete, and all tasks.
  • Advanced Search reporting: It sounds like you’ve already explored this route, but it’s worth mentioning. You might save an advanced search report of your tasks completed within the reporting time frame. These searches are easy to export into a spreadsheet format, as well.
  • Create a work tracking project: Rather than relying on My Tasks, you could create a work tracking project to which you multi-home all your task work. You might create sections and customize the project to suit the viewer’s needs. Then, you could provide status updates on your work within that project. So, it would be easy for a person to view your work as individual tasks overtime, and also see a summary from you that includes an easy to read description you’ve written of the key work you’re focused on.

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if you have questions.

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Hi Alexis,

Thank you for your reply I appreciate your suggesting and apologies for taking so ling to reply.

These options a haven’t quite hit the mark for the following reasons:

My task - my director wants to be email daily updates

Advance searching - i have already explored

Creating a work tracking project - adds another layer for me to do when I really need to automate it.

Looking at it another way it would be great if there was a way to get all the notifications sent out to people follow the task I work on.

For example If my director was to follow every task I do he would get a notification every-time I updated each one. There for is there a way to get all these notifications in one email sent at the end of the day which would list out all the individual notifications?



@Nick_Drewitt I have some additional thoughts for you on this. Yesterday a new integration was announced that is a great way to use Advance Search and send to your manager. Asana2Go: Copy, export, and print from Asana flexibly (Free for most users/companies). I also would query whether while using Advanced Search you looked at Date Modified as a search item possibly combined with People-Commented On By. Date Modified will return all tasks that there were activity whether comments or comments, People-Commented will return your comments. I don’t know if they can be combined for what you want or you would want a completed report and a comments report. I am thinking you could get your output with these two fields and possible the Completed Field. Additionally @Bastien_Siebman may have a way with his 3 dots online access to reflect the parameters of a custom search in Asana. If he can, then your manager could just look at that.

Thank you for he advice James, I will look into what you described.



@Nick_Drewitt please let us know if you come up with a solution as this kind of reporting is referenced often.

Also looking for this exact feature. It seems so basic (basecamp does it no trouble and in theory is a way simpler tool).

The advanced search using the modification date brings up the list of tasks that have been updated but it’s useless for this purpose as you just get a list of tasks: it doesn’t actually tell you what the update was. For that you have to tediously click through each task and read the detail. 10x the effort vs scanning a long log of the changes which Asana knows but doesn’t seem set up to report as a single view. :frowning:

If anyone finds a fix to this I’d be very interested.

Hi James,

Having gone back over this I have remembered that the advance search will only bring up the task and not the comments which is the part that I want to get in my report not just a list of task. I will post it if I find the solution.

would be great to know if you found the solution because in tmetric you can integrate with asana and retrieve all the reports

I am also having the same issue, I want an automated email from my employees with an update of work completed, work uncompleted, and their objectives for the following day.

We are trying to systemise working outcomes but we are struggling to do that with Asana at the mment.

I think what we are looking for is a reflection tool at the end of the day.

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This could be an important game changing feature. How do we give it the right attention?