Suggestions for End of Day / Week Reporting?

We’ve slowly migrated most of our company’s production workflow over the Asana, but our management team’s daily / weekly reports continue to be sent via email. I know, I know… if everyone is updating everything in Asana and has the appropriate followers tagged to the projects / tasks then there shouldn’t be a need for these daily recap emails, but these emailed reports do serve other purposes.

Dailies are an opportunity to share department / team / individual performance data often in the form of pasted screenshots of reports and dashboard from our CRM with commentary added, which isn’t easy to do with how Asana handles attached images within comments. These reports also allow managers to provide commentary on items that perhaps do not belong in Asana because they aren’t necessarily a task but are instead an observation or thought, which may or may not eventually end up as an assigned task in Asana. The report may also include a quick update on any open items or a plan of action for the following day / week, or even just a reminder that a manger will be off-site or out of office.

Where I am stuck is how to move these daily reports into Asana. I’ve played around with the idea of daily recurring tasks and also messed with conversations and progress updates. They each have their pros / cons…

Tasks are nice because the description from the prior day carries over so it’s easy to reference any updates from the prior day, as do any followers or tags. Unfortunately, attachments appear to carry over as well and are no longer relevant requiring some editing. Also when the end of day/week task is marked complete it essentially appears just like any other completed task whereas I’d prefer they stick out a bit in the recipients ‘Inbox’ (the way a conversation or progress update would). In general, I’ve heard feedback from the executive team that they wish they could find these more easily because if the report is sent late in the day and the executive doesn’t log back into Asana until the following morning it could be buried beneath updates on other followed items. Then there is the matter of where do these tasks reside - in a particular project or ‘My Tasks’ - although I’m not sure it matters.

As for conversation threads or progress updates, I don’t feel like they are the most appropriate because those are tied to a specific project and a manager is often working across a wide array of projects. We are on the Premium plan so we don’t have Portfolios, though I’m not even sure if that would fit our needs.

So basically, I am stuck. Looking for any advice or best practices anyone can provide…

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ben_Brenner! Thank you for reaching out!

There are several solutions to create Weekly Reports.

One option could be building reports by using the Advanced Search Tool.

You can see how to create a query for all task completed by your team in the following screenshot:

To learn more about how to save Advanced Search Reports, have a look at the following article:

Another solution could be trying one of these 3rd party Integration compatible with Asana>
You can find more information in this article:

As you mentioned Portfolios could be a great tool to help you track your team’s projects. If you want to learn more about Portfolios, have a look at the following article:

I hope this helps! Have a nice week!

Thanks for the suggestions @Natalia, but I am not so much looking for a way to show what was created / updated / done for the day, but rather a way to provide a consolidated “update” on the happenings of the day.

A lot of the reporting integrations simply provide high-level business intelligence dashboards (# tasks assigned or completed by project or team, for example). Really looking for an update that can be sent out and then remains in Asana so it can be referenced, if necessary.

Hi @Ben_Brenner :wave:

We totally understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately, it is not possible to generate such a report at the moment but sounds like a good opportunity to create a new thread in the #productfeedback category!

Thank you again for reaching out on the Community Forum! If you have any other questions, feel free to create new threads; there is always someone willing to help.

Have a nice Tuesday!

I wanted to revisit this thread because we’re still struggling on how to provide a summary / recap of daily activities.

What we’re really trying to do is ensure that the items that need to be updated (commented on) on a daily basis are in front of the user and their manager. These are items (tasks or milestones) that might not necessarily be marked completed, but again, might need some sort of update made.