Tips for using Asana as a "daily journal" and document activities, not only tasks

I know the subject has been discussed sometimes (Tips for Using Asana as a Daily Journal for reporting activity ).
This is a feature I need and I didn’t find till now the best way to do it.
As a manager, I need to document some of my daily activities, including some discussions and notifications I make to/ with my team. It’s not exactly the same as a “daily report tasks”, and sometimes it is not directly linked to a project or a task.
I could create a task for myself to do it, and make a description about what I need to keep. There are some problems in doing so, at least in the way I do :

  • Accessability to these daily notes (synthetize by week, month, quarter, year…) and how to export them?
  • integration of daily tasks (including comments), so that I can give contexts to this daily log…

How are you doing this (if so) ?

Asana will soon release a new Home with a widget “notepad”. You could take notes within the notepad and at the end of the day paste everything in a task, dated for today, and complete it. If all those tasks sit in the same project, you’ll have a database you can search.

Would that work?