Best practice for "notes"


I’m trying to use Asana as a one-stop shop for my daily task information. I have a task for “Notes” where I jot down any random thing I want to capture but may not be specific to any other task or project. The problem is that shows up in “New Tasks” and to get it to go away I have to hit “today”, “upcoming”, or “later” which eventually means it’ll pop back up. Is there a best practice for how to keep random notes/thoughts that aren’t tasks and therefore won’t show up as a “to-do”?


Hi @txfireag. My Tasks will only show tasks that are assigned to you. So, if you create a task in your Notes project and don’t assign it, it won’t pop up in My Tasks.

As an aside, if you create a task in My Tasks, it will automatically be assigned to you, which is why it’s best to create the task in the Notes project itself.



Hi @txfireag, actually tasks won’t pop back up into “Today” or “Upcoming” unless you put a due date on it.

If you want to keep an “Inbox” for random thoughts, I suggest to my clients who want to follow GTD to just create a separate private project called “Inbox” or whatever. I tend to use a separate application for random thoughts I want to archive, like Evernote or Apple Notes.


Another way to make notes is Asana’s boards view. I define a couple of columns (“Ideas”, “Working on”, “Help”) and the tasks (notes) stay where they are. I don’t assign these notes to anyone and don’t define a due date so they don’t show up in any calendar or under My Tasks. Simple and effective.


Thanks everyone. Once I saw that creating a new task under “My Tasks” automatically assigns it to me, it made sense. If I remove myself and make sure its in my “notes” project, it behaves how it should.