GTD solo workspace, new tasks do not show up in my inbox.

I am using Asana for a personal GTD setup. I would like, whenever I add a task and assign it to myself for it to show up in my Inbox. It technically should as there is a tab for ‘assigned to me’ but nothing shows up there. Is there a way to make this happen?

Mine go automatically to ‘My Tasks’ tab, assigned to me. I’m pretty sure that is the default.

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Yes, but my tasks doesn’t show just new tasks. It shows any tasks that were assigned ‘recently’ but that spans over several days. I’m wanting new tasks to show up in my inbox (like they are supposed to I think?) so then i can process them each day.

Are you saying that NOTHING ever appears in your Inbox/Activity tab? Interesting. Actually, the same happens for me for Tasks I assign to myself, although this appears to be contrary to Asana’s guidance:

I have my Asana profile set up for maximum notifications in email and in browser.

Fortunately, this particular use case for this oversight on Asana’s part (I’m guessing) has an easy workaround: Use My Tasks, and look for the Section: “Recently Assigned”. Everything you’ve been assigned…well…recently…should be located there. In fact, those Tasks will stay in Recently Assigned (for months+!) until you deliberately move them to Today, Upcoming, or Later. That is Asana’s ancestral daily workflow.

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Correct! Nothing ever shows up in my Inbox. I am the only one in my workspace, so I’m not sure if that matters. But yes, even if I click on the tabs in the inbox that say ‘assigned to me’ or ‘assigned by me’, there’s nothing there either!

Ok, so… The only way to move things out of recently is to move it to Today, Upcoming or Later? I guess I can finagle that to be my ‘Inbox’ then. Will just move everything to Later when I process it. I don’t understand why the Inbox doesn’t work at all though. Frustrating. It also doesnt update in the inbox if I make comments or notes. Also frustrating.

@Rachel_Sison, See the following for an explanation of why no Inbox notifications in your ase:

Hope that helps,


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Huh. Ok. Yeah i guess it just doesn’t work when its a solo board. It is strange because even if I were working with a team and I created 3 tasks assigned to each of us, I would be the only one who would have no task in my inbox. I assume if someone else made a comment it would then show up in my inbox?

Oh well. I’ll find a workaround by just manually moving tasks from Recently Assigned to Later, every day I suppose. It’s a bit janky, but will have to work! Wish I could at least set a criteria for what ‘recently’ means. As is it’s just any task that is assigned to you with no due date and setting due dates for everything is not very GTD friendly.

I do agree with your opinion on all of this @lpb. I suppose they should just get rid of the inbox if it is a solo board then, because it is confusing that it doesn’t work at all.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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You can check other threads here about My Tasks and even GTD to see how others make use of the available Asana features in different ways to suit them.


Yes, I just found this:

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