Task not showing.

A new task assigned to me can only be seen by my private email + in my “inbox.” in asana. I need to see it listed under my “tasks” but it is not showing. Can you please help me to ensure I see it in my tasks, as I use this method all day and don’t use my inbox.

Thank you

Hi @Robyn_Damp , welcome to the forum :wave:

All tasks assigned to you will show up in your My tasks.

Are you sure the task is actually assigned to you?
Can you make sure you don’t have any filters enabled in your My tasks view that may be hiding the recently assigned task? Perhaps you have collapsed some of your sections?

Hi Richard.
The task may not be assigned to me but i am added on as a collaborator so surely it should come into my inbox?

Correct, if you are added as a collaborator, you will receive notifications in your Asana inbox, for changes to that task, as well as comments added etc.

However, I understood that your original question was regarding tasks appearing in your My tasks and not your Inbox.

So, in order for a task to appear in your My tasks, it needs to be assigned to you.

It was assigned to me. That was the cause of my questioning.

@Robyn_Damp it would be helpful if you could share a screenshot of your My Tasks (please make sure to hide private info). If the task is assigned to you, it’s defintiely in your My tasks, but it may be hidden because of some filters. Being able to see your My Tasks set up will us debug that for you!

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