New Tasks in inbox using the API

I’m using the Asana API with a PAT.
Since the API is assigning the Tasks to me as myself (the ‘Personal’ Access Token), the newly assigned tasks are not appearing in my inbox.

Is there any way for newly assigned tasks - to myself, to appear in my inbox?
using assignee_status and setting it to inbox via a PUT request didn’t do it.

I haven’t tried that myself but if that didn’t work, I suspect there is a filter in place in the web UI which filters out tasks assigned to yourself from appearing there. I don’t know for sure but kinda doubt there’s any way around that.

In Asana, you don’t get notified yourself about things you did… yourself. For example, if you complete a task and that removes a dependency, you don’t get notified if you are also the assignee on that task. I guess this is what’s happening here.

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Yeah, that only makes sense of course as I’m assigning it to myself

Question is if there’s a possible workaround? (Besides using a third party account)

Use the PAT of another account?

I guess…
I would do a third party ‘assignment’ account - but I’ll probably run into issues with custom fields if that account isn’t premium as well.

You’ll be able to assign values without a problem :+1:

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I ended up using an email alias as an alternate account.

Thank you @Bastien_Siebman and @Phil_Seeman!

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As it turns out though - The free user doesn’t have access to custom fields - It’s restricted by the API

To create or to choose a value? I would surprised you can’t do the second, but not surprised by the first which is normal.

  • You can’t choose a value
  • You can’t even add the task to a Project (addProject) If that user isn’t added to that project

Both of which mean I’ll have to add an additional seat in Asana

It makes sense, as a guest you only see what you are invited on.

As a guest, you are a member of a project with custom fields, you don’t have Comment only permission, and you are still not able to update the values? if that is the case, this is not coherent with the interface, so I have my doubts…

I haven’t tried adding that account as a guest to the project.

I’m assuming that this alias account will have to be an alternate domain in order to be a guest?
Can I add an account from the organization domain as a guest to a premium project?

Indeed it has to be from a different domain, like your personal Gmail account for example.