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Hi Community,

I could not find a post about this, so i thought i could start one.

Most of the new task that i create is for my self. Maybe 80-90 percent. I know this will probably be very different depending on you role at your organization and the type of organization.

But anyway, i think it would be nice to have the ability to change the default assigne, which right now is “no assignee”.

My suggestion would be to make it possible to change the default so that all new taks that i create is assigned to me (also in projects) and the “button”, that right now says “Assign to me” could be “remove assignee”

I know that not all “task” are things that people need to do, ie. fx in a brainstorming list or something, but i think this, like many other things in Asana should be customizable, since people use the software for different jobs.

But i cant really figure out if it would cause more problems to have it the other way around. What do you guys think?


Add a Task - Default the person assigned to the one creating the task
Automatically Assign Task
Automatically Assign Task

And a bit in the samme cateogry.

I personally think it is a bit annoying that new task that i create and assign to myself and gave a due date are placed in the “new task” section of the “incomplete” view. It would be much more intuitive if they were placed in the section that corresponded with the given “due date”.

Any thoughts on that?


Peter, great insights!

Tasks that are created in your My Tasks will default as Private and as assigned to you. If you find that you are creating a number of Tasks for yourself across Projects, try creating them there, and then filing them in their home Project using Tab+P.

“New Tasks” are a sort of “unread” Inbox, so we think of that as a staging ground to organize your Tasks into the correct sections. They don’t automatically appear in “Today”, “Upcoming” and “Later” based on due date to give you the flexibility to reflect the actual state of the work – to mark something as due later in the week but work on it “Today”, for example.

Let me know what you think!


Except, I have a bunch of clients, and when I’m entering tasks, I’m entering within the project, not within “My tasks.” Because I have a lot of things to do and track in each project. I agree with Peter that being able to set the default to assigning it to myself would be GREAT.


@Theresa_Jennings, that’s great feedback. If you are creating a bunch of Tasks at the same time in the Project, multi-select + assigning to yourself might help speed that process along, too :slight_smile:


Nah, I’m all over the map, but I’ll keep that in mind if I’m adding a bunch of tasks in the same project. Thanks!


I also use the today/upcoming/later groupings and find it annoying that my new tasks fall in between the ‘today’ and ‘upcoming’ groupings. I miss them a lot of times and wish I could default any new tasks to ‘today’ so that I can look at them and assign a due date, etc.


Do you have the hack on that has Today above New Tasks.


I second the request for a default assignee. I am currently using Asana for a project that is just me, all me, all the time. I’d like to be able to set myself as the default assignee and not have to assign myself to all the tasks. Thank you!


I think the OPTION for a default assignee is most reasonable and useful. I’d hope this could be implemented quickly. Is there technical difficulty in getting this done? It doesn’t seem that it would be…


I’m wondering if this ever got taken care of? I would really love to have a default assignee.

If there isn’t a default assignee option, does anyone know if there is at least a keyboard shortcut to be used while you’re creating the task?


Agreed, it seems the amount of developer time it would take to have a default assignment would be very minimal.


I also would love a default assignee. Like many of the previous posters I use Asana to organize my own tasks on multiple projects. I’m actually considering moving away from Asana because of this limit in functionality.


I just migrated to ASana for my personal productivity after having tried trello, todoist,, keep and several other apps.
I believe asana is good for team work. However at a personal level it’s not so intuitive. Case being individual assignment to self.

It’s not logical to keep assigning all tasks individually to self, there should be a default assignee feature!
Else the person who creates the task should get all updates, reminders & should be able to see these tasks as his own tasks.


Hi there,

I also would love to have as a default assignee.
Most time I use asana on my own, and it’s really annoying to assign every task to myself.

And when I forget to assign the task to myself (which really happens a lot) and switch to “My Tasks”, the task of course isn’t listed there. And so the task is very easly overseen. And that’s a big problem.

The other problem is, if I forgot to assign the task to myself, but active a due date and reminder, I don’t get a notification. So thats another way that I miss important tasks.

So it really would be great if you could provide the default assignee as a option or use the creator as default assignee.

Thanks a lot.

PS: Asana is great :slight_smile:


Remember to vote for this @Nicole_Hartmann :slight_smile:


I’m all for a default assignee… Please bring this functionality to the app.


Definitely voting for an option to have a default assignee. It’s just me and I, like it was mentioned by someone else previously, mostly add tasks from a project view not from My Tasks. I know there are shortcuts and the ability to bulk assign yourself but the reality is that you can flit back and forth if you have lots of projects on and things can become disjointed, it’s easy to miss something and then have a task not show up on your task list because you forgot to assign yourself. It’s about time-saving and intuitive working.


Another vote for ‘default assignee’ as a setting!

I am a use case that I wish more SaaS companies would consider: magic millennial, fixer of all the internet, gets no respect; admin user on everything, boss of nothing, but still lowkey trying to sneak better software into the workflow.

Anyway, more details: I’m using Asana for myself right now (organizing my life) but also testing it for use with work stuff. Making myself a default assignee would make it a lot easier to use for daily life, so EVERYTHING will show up in my calendar, without having to think about whether i’m on a tag view, a project view, or whatever when I create it. And I’ve created tons of tasks over the past few days, so going back and manually selecting myself as assignee on all of them is super annoying.

I’m a freelancer/subcontractor in a non-tech sector (health/public policy), and while I can pick up new tricks — like Asana — quickly, I really need to test the heck out of it and understand everything possible that can go wrong, before I integrate it into my work projects. So far I’ve managed to successfully get non-tech-savvy people to stop emailing me all the time and switch to Slack and Trello; while Slack has had lukewarm reviews, they all love Trello.

I think Asana might be even better, but if I invite any of them to use new project software, I need to make it SUPER easy for myself to fix when they mess things up (which always happens). If a client/collaborator makes a ton of tasks that aren’t assigned to them, and I can’t find the tasks either, I can’t exactly tell them to figure it out and it’s their fault for using the software wrong. Because they almost always have more money/experience/connections/degrees than me.


Another vote for this as well. I’m creating tasks across projects and I’d love for them to automatically appear in my my tasks view.