Default assignee



I just noticed that when I create a task from the main task page, not inside of a project, I am automatically assigned the task - by default. This may solve the issue for some of you.


I would like to have this option as well. I have a project created specifically for accounting, and I send tasks to it via email. It goes into the project unassigned, so I have to go in and manually assign it to the accountant. Any chance of getting an automatic assignee option?


Also vote for this. Seems like an easy add / hack. Minimizes the point of having my tasks / inbox without it.


Really need a default assignee, I most of the time create tasks for myself, it is really annoying and time consuming to do this manually…


Added my vote to this. In many instances the person creating the task should have it assigned to them. It’s so annoying and not intuitive having to assign a task to yourself every time.

It breaks the idea flow when you’re going through to steps to get a project done. Going back through and manually assigning is the only realistic option right now, but as others have said, if you forget to do that, the system is basically broken.

A simple (assign all tasks I create to me) option in your profile would be all it takes.


This single issue has kept me from using Asana in recent years (after using it from the first weeks of its release). It’s evidence of an insular company and product, where none of the developers see this as a problem because they all work at a company that uses Asana as a group tool. They’re also optimizing for revenue, which comes from big group accounts. Since Asana doesn’t seem interested in supporting individual users, does anyone know of a similar tool that is more tuned to individuals?


@Jonathan_Grubb , you can use But what’s stopping me from switching away from Asana is that Taiga is very Agile-specific. It’s more of a JIRA clone with an Asana-esque UI than an Asana alternative, but that could change. However, it’s free (as in freedom), open-source, and self-hostable (they make their money running a hosting service for those who don’t want to bother with running their own server, in addition to donations). Those to me are significant perks, and I’ll be watching the project closely in the hopes that they generalize away from Agile a bit, and I’d definitely be willing to donate a little to help achieve that.


I’d love to throw a vote in for this as well!

A workaround I’ve come up with (which certainly may not work for every use case), I’ve created all of my project types as templates and assigned myself all of the tasks at the template level. As a result, when a new project is created from one of the said templates, each task is already assigned to me.


Agree agree agree!

It may seem like a little thing, but lack of default assignee means that I can’t really use the My Tasks field in a meaningful way, because if I forget to take the extra step of assigning a task to myself, it won’t appear in my list. I have lost track of important tasks because I simply forgot to take the extra two clicks (TWO! there’s not even a single click option!) to officially assign it to myself.

I use Asana with a team, and it’s great for collaborating & gathering information, but I self-create most of my tasks. 95% of tasks I create are for myself.


Then you need to put them in a project. You are just moving one not needed step to another not needed step. How hard can it be to add this feature?


Another vote for default assignee! I work primarily within individual projects. And sometimes I forget to assign a task to myself after I create it, which means that when I later go to “my tasks” for an overview, it’s not there. It’s also not showing up in the weekly emails showing me what is coming up on my schedule.


Another vote for a default assignee. I’m tired of missing tasks because I overlooked the step of assigning them to myself (the only user).


This would be the single, biggest change that impacts how I use Asana today. Would love to see this added!


This would be a great feature to add. Setting default assignee by a) who adds the task (self-assignment) b) project c) team d) set per section.


I need this feature as well! Default assignee setting would be super useful.

95% of tasks I enter are for myself across different projects/boards. Its a hassle to remember to do the extra clicks to assign it to myself each time


Adding my vote for the default assignee!!!


My vote. Would REALLY help me in my workflow.


Add this for “me too”. I am surprised there isn’t a way to do this yet. Every task I add from within a projects requires me to add myself to it as a manual step. Not a big deal once, but kind of annoying for hundreds of times.


Same issue, it’s very repetitive. I think being able to set a default assignee by project would be the best way to go.
But we could also do better, and allow a default assignee per project and per tag. For instance, if I tag a task as “frontend”, then it gets assigned to “user X” if nobody is assigned yet.


Hey @Sara,

Since this thread is open for over a year, with lots of votes and community interest - is there a plan to address it soon? If not (which I hope is not the case) - an explanation why this does not fit your product model would also be appreciated.