Default assignee

Default assignee - let’s do this!! I need this and so do a lot of other people. Come on Asana.


This would HUGELY help my workflow, especially within a Project. Having an option for tasks within a project to go a default assignee would be so convenient.


Adding another vote for this. The vast majority of the tasks I create are for myself, to show others in my organization what I am working on. I don’t find creating the tasks in “My Tasks” and then moving them into the project to be a sufficient solution for this — it is much easier to flesh out the tasks in a project when you are working within that project. Thanks!


Certainly a time saver but would need elaboration. Would the default assignee always be the person signed into Asana, a named default assigneed to a project, a section or team. When I built Sendana the Outlook Add-in It automatically defaults to the user signed in to Sendana. This would probably be the first step and an pretty good improvement at that.

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I definitely want the ability to set a default of who a task is assigned to, particularly me!

This is like the third function missing in Asana I have been forced to deal with this week that has people asking for it for many months (or over a year) and no actual sign of a fix. I want to like Asana more not get more frustrated with it. It’s a super useful tool, but little quirks that could be fixed in a few hours by a developer seem to get held up in support forever.


Add my vote to this!

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Adding my vote to this, and, what the heck, 200 fake bot votes as well. That’ll be 201 votes for this feature.


Hi there,
It would be SUPER when “Add Task” to Default the person assigned to the one creating the task.
Can this be done?

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I would also like to vote for the option that the person whoever creates the tasks is per default assigned to the tasks. Would be a big help!

As a workaround I create the tasks (without an assignee) in the project and select multiple tasks (ctrl + shift + selection) and select myself as assignee for all the selected tasks


vote++ please

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How is this still not a thing?


Hello folks,

I was looking to have the same feature and, while waiting for Asana to support this, I’ve found a neat workaround.

I set up Zapier to wake up every time there is a new task on a project and shortly thereafter assign that task to myself. You can set up filters, to ensure that if a task is created with a different assignee, Zapier does not change it.

You will need to set it up for each project; I had a few and simply copy-pasting the Zap worked it out quite quickly. So far I am very happy the way it is working. The free Zapier plan works like a charm :wink:

P.s. you can also set it up to move automatically new tasks to “Today” instead of Inbox - if that’s your thing.

Hope this helps you as well



Hi Alex
Could you elaborate on the Zapier setup please?
“Trigger” is pretty straightforward: Asana / New task in Project / MyAccount / MyWorkspace and project.
How do you configure for “Action”? Asana / Update Task / MyAccount, and then?
What to configure in “Set Up Template” to execute the action to specifically the newly created task?


On the Action side, I used indeed the “Update Task” - then on the first field (“Task (required)”) use “Use a Custom Value (Advanced)” and on the “Custom Value for Task ID (required)” field, select the Task ID from the Step 1.

Then scroll down to the “Assignee (optional)” field and put your name in there.
You can change the “Assignee Status (optional)” field as well to move it directly to your Today/Later/Upcoming tasks if you wish so.

You can use the same logic to set up a standard due date (such as today +7) or automatically add tags etc simply by using other fields.

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Got it, thanks!

OMG, yes, please make it possible to have a default assignee! Please, please, please. That would make things so much easier and faster. I have been really wanting this and was finally searching for some way to speed this up and ran across this thread. I am not surprised to see so many others also wanting this feature as well. I am the only one using it and it really inhibits my workflow speed to not have that default assignee option. Otherwise, I am LOVING Asana! Thank you so much for making it free for individuals (and small teams)!

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Also, yes I also totally agree that any newly-created tasks which are given due dates should be placed in the corresponding sections (Today, Upcoming, etc.). That just seems obvious and intuitive and seems that it must be an oversight on the development. Thank you!

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Awesome, thank you so much!

How do I edit my posts? I see no option for it and it was not mentioned in the “Guidelines” or “Getting Started”, nor was it found in a search.