Default assignee



+1 for the Default assignee.


+1 for the Default assignee too


This is the single reason I keep trying out other apps. Asana is great for team work, but there are so many personal tasks that I need to add, and I cannot go to My Tasks all the time to add them since I am in the context of a project.

Please please add this feature!


Yes! please add default assignee.


The lack of a response here from Asana is quite shocking. Over a year and numerous requests (from me too just now) and nothing. It does seem like a fairly easy feature to add. At least an acknowledgement or official stance/respone seems reasonable.


Why has this feature been asked for by so many and not implemented? This seems so easy to include - I also vote for this feature!


Why has this feature been asked for by so many and not implemented? This seems so easy to include - I also vote for this feature!


I agree, this feature is needed!


Definitely would like to have this feature. As a dev, I’m not really seeing why this feature hasn’t already been implemented as it’s seems extremely straightforward and is clearly being heavily requested by users. The default assignee could be a simple field at the workspace and project levels where the user could select from the workspace members. Then, upon each task creation, the assignee would just be set to the default assignee unless the user manually changes the assignee.

Very. Straightforward.


Yes please add this!


This is the only reason i haven’t committed to Asana 100%. Having to assign every task to myself is annoying as hell.
Also really a little ticked that this issue seems to be an ongoing one and they just haven’t even bothered to look in to it.


Count me as another vote for a “default assignee” feature.


Is there anyway to make myself as the default assignee when adding a task? I am a company of 1 and would like everything to always appear in my tasks without havng to assign it. I may forget and miss a task! :slight_smile:


Alas there is not a way to set a default assignee, but here are a few suggestions that might help.

Also, it’s a heavily requested feature, and you might want to add your vote for it here.


Thanks for jumping in @Phil_Seeman! You’re completely right, there isn’t such a feature yet. @Kimbelry_Roberts, I’d recommend checking out the post shared by Phil. To avoid having to many duplicates, I have merged your post with this thread (Default assignee) already covering this topic; feel free to add your vote to this thread! :slight_smile:


+1 vote for this feature! and +10 more from my team :smiley:


Yes. Another company voting YES on this feature! We have our general to do lists in asana as well (which are public and editable with the others in our company), simply by adding a new project with the name of the employee and choosing the list view. Each time I add a new task to an employee’s “task list” I have to assign it to them. Because our task lists (personal projects) are public and we usually add one or two tasks at a time, the suggestions above don’t offer much to our situation. Would be a great time saver to set a unique default for each project/list.


Really? Default Assignee hasn’t been implemented yet? After all these requests? That’s what brought me here too. The consequence is a lot of productive time wasted. I’m curious to know why something that seems so simple hasn’t been implemented. There must be a good reason.


+1. Very annoying having to sign every task to myself.


+1. Would love to default-assign myself for my projects