Streamline new task creation, esp. assigning to myself & marking Today, Upcoming, or Later

I like Asana a lot. But each time I create a task involves some inefficient steps that are pretty annoying.

  • I assign all tasks to myself, which requires two clicks. If I want all tasks to default to being assigned to me, I should be able to do that. Having looked at Asana forums over the years, I know that people have been complaining about this for a long time. I imagine that someone at Asana has this purist vision of how the tool should be used and they probably insist that the way everyone uses their product is wrong.
  • I mark most of my tasks as Today, Upcoming, or Later. But this is frustrating exercise, too. It takes series of keystrokes, which is often frustrating because if the cursor isn’t in some mysterious special spot that I never seem to be able to replicate consistently, I have to click around and repeat the shortcuts (which I often don’t remember anyway). It’d be nice if I could just click that and make it happen.
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I think it would be nice to have the option to default all new tasks to yourself. In the meantime, one thing I’ve found helpful is the keyboard shortcut TAB-M, I usually do right after typing the name of the task, before pressing enter.


One way of solving your first point is if you create any task from within you My Tasks view. This way the tasks will be assigned to you.

Sorry not much help with the second point.


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Agree, I also press TAB-M right away and then i miss a shortcut for assigning to ‘today’…

Should be good if we have a default setting to assign all tasks to myself and due date set to ‘today’. Or at least have a short-cut to set due date to today…

@Jason_Woods good suggestion. However, if you create a task in My Tasks view, then there’s the extra step in assigning the task to a specific project…

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Hi everyone, we have launched many updates in Asana in the past years and I believe you can now achieve this! For example, if you want to automatically assign tasks to yourself, you can create new tasks from the + onmibuttom or directly from your My Tasks list. You can find more information about the recent updates in My Tasks in this article: How to Get Started With Asana My Tasks | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

Hope this helps!