Auto assign task created to self in the iOS app

how can i assign tasks to myself by default while creating…i have a list of tasks and it becomes a problem to assign them to specific user. nice to know if there is option to assign defaults.


specifically in iOS app. know of selecting multiple tasks online; don’t see if i could do the same in iOS???

There’s not a general default, but there are two things that might help:

  1. If you create a task in My Tasks (on Desktop or Mobile), it will be assigned to yourself.
  2. If you create a task somewhere else (in a project or task) on the Desktop version, you can press Tab-M after you type the name and before you press Enter.

thank you that helps.:+1:

And @Craig_Fifer; what you mentioned is really good; but there must be better workflows to do multi-select in iOS/android app (if the web has it!) ; not a good idea to have too much disconnect between features of web vs iOS/android app…atleast on basic usability ones

Agreed – there are frequent requests to make the apps more like the desktop version, and I know Asana has documented that.

Thanks! Tab-M will do the trick.

Hi Asana/Asana users - does anyone know if there are any plans to make this more intuitive? The issue is, this is a really easy way to lose tasks, which isn’t great.

It seems fairly straightforward to solve:

  • for new tasks, prompt for an assignee or
  • provide an option to auto-assign all new tasks to yourself

I realise that all tasks created in ‘my tasks’ auto assign to myself, but this breaks flow when working directly in a project.

From what I can see, there is not an easy way to find unassigned tasks unless you’re using a paid account and you start an advanced search and search for ‘nobody’ in the search criteria. Event this feels more like a workaround than a proper method to find these orphaned tasks.

Other than this, Asana seems a great tool. I can see once I open this out to the rest of the team, this will become an issue though. Is there anything in the product roadmap to look at this? Or, have I missed something that solves it?

Many thanks

@John_Barnes: I do use the Tab+Q shortcut where the current user is already preset.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your reply Patrick.

Can you clarify the process?

@John_Barnes: I hope I did not miss an important part of the original question. When I use the desktop version on a Windows device I can use the keyboard shortcut Tab + Q. This will open up the create task popup on the right bottom. The current user is already preselected.

The popup supports all the well known shortcuts like Tab+A, Tab+P, Tab+D. In case you are running a Mac the keyboards might differ.

Hope this helps,


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Ah, right, I understand. Many thanks Patrick, that will certainly help. Great tip.

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