Assigning new tasks to myself

I mostly use Asana as a To-Do list for myself. Therefore almost all my tasks I assign to myself. Is there a way to configure Asana in such a way, that all new tasks created are assigned to myself?

Hi @Simon_Eckert. If you create a task in “My Tasks”, it will automatically be assigned to yourself. Regarding within projects, if you have a paid version of Asana, you can create a rule to accomplish this. See below for a snapshot. Note rules are project dependent. Hope this helps.



I would just mitigate the solution: you might quickly be overwhelmed by tasks and My Tasks would be unusable.

If you work alone, then just don’t assign anything to yourself unless you have a due date. The rest can be found in projects, and that is perfectly fine if you miss them (given the fact you did not give a due date)

I have a method for this I called “tip of the iceberg”: for any project just asisgn to yourself the next task to do. No need to have your My Tasks cluttered with “step #42”, just make sure “step #1” is in sight.


Thanks everyone for the responses, very helpful!

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