How do I get a project to automatically assign all tasks to one person



Hi there, I have a project that only one person works on, and I would like each task created within this project to be automatically assigned to the one person working on it. This way she gets notifications when she is late on when something is due. I am so tired fo clicking on the assigned to tab. Its a waste of time for me and I usually forget to do it. It’s also a waste fo time to for me to mass assign tasks because that still requires me to take the time to do something. I don’t have any spare seconds in my life. I often assign her things when it pops into my mind, which means I am inputting it quickly on my cell phone randomly throughout the day.


@Vanessa_Valiente: Dependent on which view you use on the mobile app either the person or the project is preselected. However not both at the same time.

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Hi @Vanessa_Valiente,

FYI while not possible to do automatically in Asana itself, this is easy to accomplish via an If-Then Rule in my Flowsana integration:


@Vanessa_Valiente are you using a template project to create this project regularly? If so does assigning the task in the template project help? That way you only need to do it once.



No, it s project of tasks specifically for my personal assistant, so it changes all the time, but this is always her to-do list, thank you though!