Add every task I've assigned to a specific person to one project?

I manage multiple people at my job and I would like one “project” where I can have a section for each team member and it will list all the tasks I’ve assigned to them within Asana in that section.

I know that I can search to see all the tasks for an assignee, but I want to be able to organize these into sections which you can’t do from search.

Is there a way to set up a rule of some sort for any time I assign a task to a person in any project, it will automatically add it to this project? Or would I have to add this rule to every single project?

(Last I heard), every rule resides within 1 project. I’m not aware of global rules that are operative in OOTB Asana. I would suggest asking for ideas from @lpb

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By far the easiest is advanced search which can be sorted by Assignee, starred to appear in your sidebar, and clickable anytime to see a refreshed list:

If that’s enough, you get it by this:

You’d put “not me” in Assigned to and “me” in Assigned by.

If you really need a project, then you’d either have to put a rule in every project, or have each potential assignee add a rule to their My Tasks.

You could create a single-select custom field “Assigned by” with one option: your name. Each potential assignee could have a rule triggered if Assigned by is you, then add the project and section you want to the task.

The advanced search solution only requires Asana Premium, the rule one requires Business or Enterprise.




Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for and so simple.

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