Swapping the Creator of Tasks

Hello! New to Asana and having fun.
My problem:
I want to view all current tasks for my organization, across projects, sorted by who they are assigned to.

Solution I tried:
Saving a Search. Saving a search does not meet my needs, because many of the projects were imported from Monday by my assistant, so that the filter “Assigned by Me” does not work.

Is there a way to make me the creator of the tasks, or the assigner?
If not, is there an integration or workaround so that I can view all tasks? There is no support for Excel.

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Hi K,

Welcome to the forum! Just to make sure I’m understanding, are you trying to see all tasks assigned by you or to you?

If it’s the latter, you can use universal reporting for that (Sidebar > Insights > Reporting > Dashboard > Add Chart), create a chart that has the assignee (i.e., who the task is assigned to) on the x-axis, a count of all tasks on the y-axis. If tasks are unassigned or assigned to the wrong person currently, you’d need to update those for accurate data.

If it’s the former, I am not aware of a way to change the Created By field, as that’s a system-generated field that should generally never change for data integrity/audit purposes. Perhaps others here have suggestions in that case.

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Hi @k_tnf welcome to the forum.

Stephen is correct in that approach. Depending on your licence you could also use portfolio workload feature to see who is assigned what and when or the universal workload under the reporting tab.

You can still use the advanced search just don;t use the ‘Assigned by me’ put in different perameters such as all the projects or ‘in teams’