How to see all task?

I want to make sure to create projects and assign tasks to multiple people in my team. If I assign the task an other person, I don’t see it on my page.

How do I get a full access to all tasks in my main page? (my task and the task of other person’s of my team)


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Create a search and favorite the search so it remains in your Left navigation panel.

This is a great article and that explains how to create custom “reports” using the save search feature. And has some good basic searchers which I have saved for future use.


What @briankb mentioned is correct for oversight like you mention, however another thing you can do for one-offs or really important tasks that you don’t want to forget or miss, is create a follow-up task.

I can’t actually seem to find an article that talks about it which is surprising, but here’s a shot:

So when you’re creating a task, or come across one you want to be sure you check in on, just click the options on the top of it and hit create follow up. It’s nice, I used to do this manually until I discovered this option!

Obviously you won’t be doing this for all your tasks that you need to monitor, but I do it when something is really important or timely, or I know might get missed, etc.


Thanks for sharing my article, @briankb. I’m actually going to be sharing some of that information in one of Asana’s upcoming webinars which I think will be really helpful for some people!

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I got the same problem while creating tasks within board without a project. You should arrange tasks in project in order to get a all tasks view regardless assignee


Thank you, Bryan, for chiming in here. Your solution is ideal for me and helps me better understand how Asana works

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