Tracking tasks and conversations

Hello, new to Asana.

I have a question about tracking tasks and conversations. I just sent an employee a task assignment. I also sent a comment asking if they can reply to me via the comments section (for training purposes).

Because I don’t have it assigned to me, but I am a collaborator, how do I keep track of that task if they do not respond back? I have so many tasks right now it is hard to keep track of who I responded to, and who hasn’t responded back. Because it is not assigned in my tasks anymore, and not on my Inbox, how do I check back on that particular task?

For simplicity sake, this task is not assigned to any project either so it is not public to anyone.

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What you could do:

  1. Use the search bar, but not the best solution as you can’t remember of all the tasks
  2. Create a project, or at least a private project to which the tasks you assign belong to. If the project is private then only you will have access to.
  3. Use reports “Tasks I’ve created”. In the free version you have only access to that report. With Premium you’re able to refine your reports (by assignee, by projects, by dates, …)

You can also create a subtask in the task assigned to you with a due date to check later.


Awesome thanks everyone for the great suggestions!


Hi @Sam_J,

To track tasks you can create a favorite search that you will find on your left panel. Get your search like this:

COMPLETION: Incomplete
ASSIGNED BY: Me (Your Name)

There is a pre-defined search too with the title “Tasks I’ve Assigned to Others” But that one shows the completed tasks too.

Doing as suggested you can daily start your day with a follow up to your team and push to get things done.

Hope this helps.



@jcarlos that’s super helpful, I didn’t know that existed! thanks.

out of interest, do you know if it’s possible to remove ‘unassigned’ from a search/report?

Hi @stuartbrameld,

To avoid get a big list of unassigned tasks on your search report you may define ASSIGNED TO, field, you can define more than one user.

Great thank you for that info!