Listing tasks for several members / team




I wan to create a report (changelog by mail) listing all tasks I (and my team) finished.

I have found that we can, with API, list of tasks for a specific asignee

but can we get a list for **several assignee** or a **team id** ?



@waghanza Are you looking to do this specifically in the API?

If you’d be open to doing this in the product, you can use Advanced Search and input the Team or the list of multiple assignees you want to look for. You can see more on advanced search reports here:

Would this work for your needs?


@Kaitie in fact? I have to this with the API. The solution I found is too loop on all assignee and get task for this assignee, it’s ok for me. but it generate x requests in front of asana API (x is the number of team members).

a super cool solution could be to search by team on the tasks API