How to find tasks pertaining to assignee and workspace in java (findAll())

so I am currently trying to get a list of all the tasks for respective assignees to see whether their tasks have been completed yet or not.

I know the url request to make to the API is as follows: “,completed_at”.

However, I am trying to code this in java by running:

List tasks = client.tasks.findAll().execute();

Which of course returns “Invalid Request (You should specify one of workspace, project, tag, section, user_task_list)”

I have seen in the Asana docs that the way you would do this in php is to specify the parameters within findAll(assigneeID, workspaceID). Is there a similar method in java that I could utilise to obtain the same results?

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You should go and read the code of the Java library you are using :slight_smile: it is available on Github I believe? :thinking:

client.tasks.findAll().query(“project”, 1234).option(“page_size”, 1000).execute();

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Thank you very much for your assistance. The query function was the last piece of the puzzle I was missing :slight_smile:

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