How to get all tasks assigned to me using the API

how do I get all task assigned to me using the APIs

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Hi @Terry_Rieckhoff,

You can query all your tasks through our API with a request similar to the following:

curl --header “Authorization: Bearer $ASANA_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN” “[workspace_id]

To break this down, you’re passing

  • assignee=me to get the tasks assigned to you
  • completed_since=now means "All tasks completed after ‘now’ " - in other words, all your incomplete tasks. If you want all tasks ever assigned to you, including complete ones, you can leave this out
  • limit=100 means “return the first 100 results” for pagination. To learn more about pagination parameters limit and offset you can refer to our docs
  • workspace=[workspace_id] is because GET /tasks requires one of workspace, project, tag, or section, and you want all your tasks in the whole workspace.

You can read more about querying for tasks here. Thanks!


Great Thank you! I have a follow up question how can I get the asana url for each task

is Log in - Asana

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how do I get the description

I am currently using this to get the task “[workspace_id]2”

how do I get the description,name&assignee=me&completed_since=now&limit=100&workspace=id

You need to define opt_fields. Check the API documentation and give a try to the API explorer


where can I find in the documentation on how to mark a task complete

Hey @Terry_Rieckhoff, take a look at the documentation for the tasks

You are able to update a task making a PUT request
PUT /tasks/task-id and defining the completed field as true.


hello! its posible to get all the tasks but, no only the mines, everybody? sorry for the english