See the list of all members in all Teams/Projects

Hi all,

Very new to Asana and working it all out at the moment - working out if its right for us.
I will need to periodically produce a list of all the people in each team and each project so we can support on-going staff development. This will let us see which projects each person has been working on recently so we can see the experience they have been building.

Are there reports in the premium version that could do this?

Thanks all.

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Hi @Richard_Anderson

There are a couple of options for getting the information you need. For project info, the easiest way is to use advanced search to get a list of all tasks assigned to specific individuals, which you can then filter by project. You’d have to manually add everyone to the search, but once it’s set up it’ll automatically refresh. Or, you could have separate research reports set up for individuals, depending on the size of your team.

For a full list of all members of a team, you can use the Asana API: Asana I’m not very confident with the API myself, but I just managed to get a full team list based on the instructions. There’s also a section for projects, if you wanted to use it: Asana

It’s probably just a matter of messing around with both options until you find combinations that suit you. If you need further help, just post a reply here and I, or someone else in the community, should be able to point you in the right direction.

Hey Richard, if you’re an Asana admin for the org you can request a full csv export of members and guests =) I just did! They’ll just email it when it’s done, takes a few minutes depending on size!

Hope that helps =) I don’t know if it’s specific to premium, I think it’s any organization (free or premium).

It lists users, email, number of teams, what teams, number of projects they own/create, all the projects they’re members of and a few other items.

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Hi Caisha and Mark,

Thanks so much for your input - much appreciated.

I will look into those. That’s 3 ways I can look at addressing it. I’m not so sure I want to dip into API just yet but I like the export and advanced search type.

I will post back if things complicate.

It’s for premium orgs only.

(Btw keep up the good work @Caisha)

You can use my tool “Overview” minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods :slight_smile:

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