Recollecting all task I've assigned to others?

Hello! I’ve read that when I assign a task to somebody else, I become automatically a follower for that task.

Yesterday I’ve assigned 3 tasks:

Today I want to see those tasks because I want to check something.

Where do I see or where can I recollect all the tasks I’ve assigned to others?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Barbara2

If you have the premium subscription you should have an Report section in there should be a default report of tasks you have assigned to others.

Have a look at this guide article.



Hello Jason, thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately our team is not Asana Premium yet. :frowning:

Is there a workaround for no premium users?

Thanks in advance

Hi Barbara,

I don’t believe there is any other workaround. The advanced reporting feature is the only way to pull and track this information.



Ok, Katie, thank you very much!