Apply rule to project

When creating a rule for a certain section that also runs in other sections (such as “add subtask”) it would be nice to have an option to “apply to all”

So, if you have a rule in a certain section that says to add subtask assignees as collaborators, having a rule that makes that happen across the entire project would be useful.


It sounds like you’re creating your rules from the Workflow tab of your project which focuses on section-based workflows.

Instead, click the Customize button at the top right, then click the Rules button, then Add rule. These rules apply anywhere in your project (unless you choose to make the triggers more specific).

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I am, and that totally does help! Thank you!

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I can’t seem to find somewhere to say, if a task is assigned, add the assignee as a collaborator. I can do it per person (if task is assigned to Kristen, add Kristen as collaborator), but not as a universal rule (if X is assigned to a task add X as collaborator)?

When you assign a task, that assignee is also automatically added as a collaborator by Asana so maybe you’re covered here?



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