My Tasks Rules apply to everyone in an Organization

One area I would like to see an add-on is being able to apply company-wide rules to the My Tasks section. Because my coworkers have varying schedules and hours, I am unable to pin them all down for a meeting and go step by step for the many rules to create in My Tasks. I want them to stay organized, but also efficient with their time.

There are two possible ways I see this happening product happening.

First, Asana creates a “Rules Library” where an admin can create tasks and users are able to pull these rules into whatever project they need, including My Tasks.

Second, Asana creates a capability specifically to My Tasks and admins are able to create rules and apply them to everyone in the organization. Users would have to accept this application, but it makes it so one person (the admin) is doing the work and not everyone individually.

Let me know your thoughts!

Hi @Mike_Tammaro, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available at this time, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:


Thank you! I thought it would a good suggestion for the product team to review.

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I think it’s a great idea, just needs some careful analysis and implementation to provide clarity as to what rules apply and hence, what is happening and why, from the perspective of each user and also the admin or project manager. (Doing so is conceptually simple, I just felt the need to throw that in there to underscore to the Asana Product Management team.)


Nice idea and yes can understand why you are suggesting this as often even the most basic things can take quite some time as many team members would usually have questions.

As Stephanie mentioned though I do agree it could be a bit challenging + we should keep in mind that most team members would have their „my tasks“ set up in a different way, different sections, custom fields and potentially such company wide rules conflict with already existing ones.

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Totally agree. It should be a case-by-case situation. I think the rules library is still essential, as long as there’s an option where the rule creator can make it a private or public rule. For my organization, tasks, projects, rules, etc are all controlled by myself and one other.

Agreed a lot of factors have to be considered but yeah it totally makes sense especially foe companies where a few people only handle rules and key Asana related set ups for the whole company :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same need for my organization! :heart:
It’s actually very frustrating that this is not available yet!

I personally defined rules that are helping me stay focus and organized every day! It helps a lot, I’d like all my employees to benefit from the same rules, yet I can’t share (and oblige them to adopt it) it with them.

Asana is a powerful tool and I know that their mission is to make our teams more efficient.
To me, this feature would definitely make Asana take a footstep forward along this path!

I’d be happy to be a beta-tester if needed! Hopefully it will be released soon!