Assigning Self as Default Assignee for Tasks

How can I myself as the Default Assignee for tasks that I create? The MAJORITY of tasks that I create are for myself. Please vote for this if you also would like this feature.

You could create them within “My Tasks” and they will be assigned to you on creation.

You can also then select or bulk-select them, and add them to a project, while still retaining you as Assignee and keeping them in My Tasks.

(The one thing you wouldn’t want to do is here: Bug: Dragging a task from "My Tasks" to a project unassigns the task from me - #3 by Rebecca_McGrath)

Thank you for your suggestion. I wonder, however, how to do it FROM a project, since that is what I do most commonly.

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@julie13, Please have a look at my two replies to others with this same question:

Hope one of those three approaches helps!


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