Taska Calendar empty

I opened Asana today and the calendar view is not working - it was fine yesterday. I can see all the tasks within my projects but the calendar is blank, nor did I get my email/message advising me that I have tasks due today.

Any thoughts please?

I do not replicate. Calendars are populating for me both in My Tasks and in individual Projects. At first glance I do not see any Tasks missing.

  1. Any chance you have Calendar filters active? There are several options, please check.
  2. Triple check that you are looking at the right week or month and you definitely have Tasks that should show.
  3. If no joy, then move on to relaunching, clearing cookies, relaunching browser etc.

As to the lack of Task email, sorry, I cannot check that. It does sound likely to be related. Perhaps you’ve lost membership in a Team? Do others in your org have a similar issue?

Good luck!

Thanks Stephanie. Well I can definitely tell I am a newbie. It was because I removed me as the assignee on my tasks. I only use it for myself, so it was a pain having to remember each time to click me as assignee and I thought it would be easier just not to click that box. Now I feel like an idiot. It would be nice for an ‘automatically assign to me’ setting.

Thanks so much for taking the time to responde.
Take care

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@anon94640303 you could set up a rule so that when you create a task it automatically assigns you?

Do you have workflows and rules in your instance?

Hi Becky. I am on a trial and will be either a free user or the next step up. I can see I can add rules but I am not sure how to add a rule to automatically assign tasks. When I go into customize, I can see a rule about adding collaborators, but I am not sure whether that is the same as assignee.



HI Becky. I created the rule - I hope. I have signed up to an online training today on workflows and rules, so that will help.

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