All tasks are not showing in Calendar view

Hi there,
I am experiencing the same problem another user experienced and I’ve looked through the conversation and it appears it was a bug. Not all of my Tasks are appearing in Calendar view in Asana, and they are all assigned to a project.
Could you please advise?
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Hi @Uisce_Ruocco,

Thanks for the post! Are all of your tasks assigned to a specific date as well?

Thanks for your prompt response!

Yes, they are all assigned a date.

Many thanks,

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Hmm interesting. There shouldn’t be a reason your tasks don’t show up if they have an assigned date. The only other reason I can think of is if you are using subtasks. These do not show up in Asana’s calendar view.

If this is still not the issue, I would encourage you to open a support ticket with Asana. I have provided the link below at your convenience.

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Just to confirm: you are referring to the My Tasks Calendar view? Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your My Tasks view, with everything anonymized but 1 task (using and then a screenshot of your calendar?

Note that subtasks don’t appear in calendars, that is intended behavior, but not for My Tasks though)