@mentions of myself do not show up in my Inbox.

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
@mentions of myself do not show up in my Inbox. This should be easy for you to fix, and is imperative to my usage of Asana. I will not/can not waste time creating a Follow up task as this is not efficient, or solving my issue. I, as PM of over 75 projects, need to @mention myself on others’ tasks, so that I can act on it, using my inbox as a landing space for such quick notes. I have 1 hour to review and comment on all 75 projects, and your current methodology of creating follow up tasks will not work for me, and I see for others as well. Please help ASAP.

Steps to reproduce:
@mention yourself, then check your Asana Inbox.
Browser version: latest Chrome.

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I’m afraid that Asana likely will not consider this a bug because it’s working as intended from their point of view, so I’d recommend finding (I couldn’t after trying briefly) or adding and upvoting a request in #product-feedback for this.



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I’m sure you’re right about the Asana team thinking on this @lpb …it’s just not logical.

What do they think would be the motivation for someone to “@” themselves in a Task?

It’s strange that at times, Asana forces really excessive notifications…e.g. a Template creator used to get copied on every Task on every Project created from it, permanently (fixed in Templates 2.0!)…and yet in this case, Asana strictly prevents notifications that might be expected.

Idea: Toggle setting in My Tasks: “Assigned” “Collab” “Assigned or Collab”


In general, I wish Asana would:

because, hard as it is to satisfy almost any user trying to do anything (not kidding, that’s how Asana is used), it’s even harder with almost no configuration options.

I didn’t weigh in on Jaime’s request itself as you did. FWIW, it would be nice if it was easier to follow up a task than it now is, but I feel doing so in Inbox, instead of My Tasks, might address this specific request but could cause an inconsistency in Asana’s intent with Inbox and My Tasks and lead to larger issues. (In fact, you mentioned a toggle in My Tasks, not something in Inbox as Jaime requested.) My career was as an interaction designer and it’s from that perspective that I suggest that possibility.

Your example of the issue with template notifications was corrected by Asana in Project Templates 2.0, right?



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Thanks for the thoughtful feedback Larry. Glad to hear that Templates 2.0 takes care of the over notification.

I know that, as you allude to, interaction design has lots of directly opposing goals, often pitting simplicity and ease of interface against the need for dealing with complex and often messy real-world data and processes. I agree totally that a well-chosen and limited selection of easy user settings could help a lot.

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