General request: Be more liberal in offering user settings where helpful


For new features and also existing features that have generated a lot of user feedback, consider being more liberal in adding helpful user settings that could improve user satisfaction by offering slight additional customization.

Some examples of user settings that you’ve chosen to include already are:

  • Show task row numbers
  • Enable compact mode
  • Enable color blind friendly mode (protanopia and deuteranopia)
  • Show occasional celebrations upon task completion

and also all the Hacks which are fantastic, most of which I use (but wonder if they’ll go away because of their Hack designation).

I think I detect a design principal to discourage adding settings and I do appreciate this, because an app with too many settings can be overwhelming to users, and of course it adds complexity to the product and its operation in many ways which can precipitate bugs or make future design or code changes harder.

Because Asana is a tool put to so many varied uses by so many different types of users, invariably there will be some dissatisfaction with how it operates. This request isn’t to try to remedy that fully, just be a little more liberal in considering additional settings where they could make a big difference.

Thanks for considering,

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro Consultant at Trilogi Software

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