Different Types of Tasks, like a note task vs. a typically task

Like Milestones but notes tasks. This is where you can keep important notes or vital information but is not a task that needs to be assigned to others or any action taken.

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Hi @Elli_Haddick and welcome to the forum!

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Hi Ellie,

This my first time responding! I am with you on this. I use Asana to not only manage client matters but I also like to open it and see the status of what is going on. Having an option for a “note” would be great! Right now I manage this by naming my first “bucket” Inbox and the second “bucket” Status, Notes & Reminders. This allows me to quickly add emails to the Inbox and then assign them to the appropriate location/individual all at once and also add any “notes” to the second bucket and add a collaborator but no due date.

An option to label something a note would be fantastic!!