Is there a way to send a daily "all tasks due today" list automatically?

Hi All, quick question - is there a way to automatically send a daily task list (PM would like to see a daily list of all tasks due that day for all assignees) to either Outlook or a Teams channel?
I’ve been looking into different integrations (Microsoft, Zapier, Automate, etc) and googled like crazy but this doesn’t seem to exist. Thanks!

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Using the advanced search in Asana to pull up all matching results won‘t work as solution?
You can also save the search report under favourites for quick access.

You could also set up reports with graphs.
The graphs are click through and will display the matching task list.

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Thanks for responding. Those are already set up but since she starts her day in Teams or Outlook the request was to have that report delivered to either of those apps.

I usually feel embarrassed when asked to simply the life of Asana users by making them not go to Asana… I would +1 Andrea answer: reports are there for this specific use case…

Fair enough, she needs to end her morning routine in Asana…

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To add to that sending a report via email or somewhere else means there will just be a huge list of tasks most likely and for them to then access to see specifics they would anyway again have to go into Asana.

So just clicking one link to go to the report directly to have a nice overview in my opinion is definitely the better choice.