still not possible with asana? -> email dashboard / reports

We manage 60 boards and many sub-projects in it.
Every good project management tool can handle automated reports. What about asana?
Asana only have an simple share option.
But its not possible to send that reports daily, weekly or monthly via email possible to specific emails.
How you handle this case? Do you open each report and send them to specific emails?
Thats a working flow like in beginning of project management tools. :frowning:


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Hello @Thomas_83,

Does this help?

So in other words:
There is still no option to send reports via email. I already using the workaround from your post, but its not how we wanna work in 2023. Its feeling we working in a β€œcheap” software or in a free software which is build for beginners. :frowning: And this situation in 2023 after so many years product improvements.