Project Status Update report to be received by Project Owner

Project Owners do not receive an email status update but all members and collaborators do. I have an instance where a project owner would like to forward status updates to a wider audience who is not on Asana and do not need to pay for Asana seats. Currently the only way to do this is to export the status report into pdf and forward onwards. It would be great is the project owner could opt-in to also receive the status update report in email format for this purpose.

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I recommend for the project owner to check their email notification settings.

Or you probably refer to them writing the update and therefore not receiving it via email? If so then how about creating a special email for this purpose so all updates are sent there and from there you can set up a rule to forward the emails.
Or potentially the task of forwarding can be assigned to a colleague who already receives the status updates?

Some more ideas/workarounds have been posted here.