Sharing project status reports to people outside of Asana

I’m looking to be able to share project status reports with folks who are not active members on the project but are looking for status updates on my work.

There was another forum post about this same topic but was closed with the solution of using a 3rd party chrome extension which may not be a feasible solution for me.

Ideally would love to be able to export that report as a PDF right from Asana without the 3rd party extension.

Hello @Marie_Tubbs

have a look here: Sharing Status Updates to non-Asana users - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

Does that help?

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Thanks for the quick reply, I do really like the email notifications from portfolios, but it only shows a small section of each update and requires you to go into Asana to see the full update which wouldn’t work in this case.

The print function could be a good option, but it isn’t as pleasing to look at, so I do worry about people’s engagement with the content at that point.

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